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Reviews from real customers about our outstanding customer service and the high-quality products we sell.  Rest assured that we take care of you before and after the buying process.


"I recently purchased a 4-Person Corner Sauna from Tranquility Sauna. This is the second personal Sauna I have owned so I knew what I was looking for. Upon assembly, I found there was some minor damage from shipping. Also, initially my Sauna kept popping the breaker on the circuit it was on. I contacted Chris at TS via email and expected several days to pass before I got a response. NOT THE CASE!! Chris responded within an hour and worked with me throughout the entire process to get ALL my concerns rectified. I am extremely happy with my Sauna and am very impressed with Tranquility Sauna and Chris. Thank you for all your help and this fantastic product!!!" 

-Paul E., Sept.9, 2015

Order #1090 HeatWave Tucson SA2420DX 4 Person Corner Carbon Infrared Sauna 




"I had researched saunas for a while and settled on the infrared because I like dry heat as opposed to moist. Your website was easy to navigate and your pricing was in line with other competitors.  I saw positive comments for customer service and that sold me.  When purchasing via the internet customer service is often non existent.  I chose this product for all the included bells and whistles - stereo, chromatherapy light, ionizer, BACKRESTS (lol) etc and the size was right for the space I had.
Thank you so much for your attention to this matter. I appreciate the top notch customer service you have provided. "
-Maria A., Sept. 21, 2014
Order #1004 - HeatWave Coronado SA2406 2 Person Ceramic Infrared Sauna




"The entire transaction was excellent.  The shipping agent was as professional as it gets, they called to make a delivery date instead of just showing up and charging for an attempt.  They wore uniforms and were clean like i have never seen before. The spa itself is wonderful.  It heats up in 15 minutes the experience is zen.  We love it and will recommend this to our friends. Thank you for the excellent customer service."
-Charles S., Oct.6, 2014



"The delivery on this sauna was fast and professional.  The moving company was very professional and efficient.  The sauna was very easy to put together and install, and everything works as described. My communication with the owner of Tranquility Sauna was most helpful and positive. I have only had the sauna for a week, but have used it every day and am very pleased with it. I anticipate it will soon become a regular part of my daily routine.  I would definitely recommend it (and Tranquility Sauna) to anyone in the market for a reasonably priced unit.

Thank you for your fine product, and good luck with your budding company!"

-Deidre B., Oct.26, 2014



"Everything is great with the sauna! It is easy to use and is very relaxing.   The delivery was on time and the sauna arrived in good condition. Thanks for checking on my order. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!"
-Ladonna  S., Oct.27, 2014




"Your customer relations is awesome, shopping spectacular, and so far so good on the sauna. Just got the designated outlet in place so have only tried twice, but really like so far. Feel refreshed and relaxed after. God Bless."
Cathy P., Oct. 26, 2014
Order #1006 - Better Life BL6444-04 3 Person Carbon Infrared Sauna




"Thank you for your follow up!  I meant to write sooner but we got busy.  We have been enjoying the sauna every night!  I am super impressed on the fast delivery!!!  Everything was delivered great and the assembly was pretty easy!"
Natalya K., Sept. 26, 2014
Order #1005 - HeatWave Tucson SA2420DX 4 Person Corner Carbon Infrared Sauna 



"I liked your price and the fact that you were selling sauna's as a core part of the business. Not just selling them like they do in a place that sells, pools, pool tables etc. I liked your bio and the reason you started the business. Your website is very good and described the many health benefits of using a sauna. Received our new sauna and am glad we made the purchase. Clever manufacturing allows for easy setup. This 2 person unit can fit in a fairly small room is necessary. We have it in our 4th bedroom and still have room for bed, dresser etc. Unit easy to program and having radio to play music is nice. Sauna is very tight, meaning I don't feel heat escaping through the walls, ceiling etc. while in use. Pretty easy to put together. You may need 3 people for certain steps."

Steven T., Oct. 2, 2014